Industry Expertise

The professionals at Element IP have real-world experience and the legal expertise necessary to provide effective advice and patent services in virtually any area of technology and science. Our attorneys have extensive legal experience and hold advanced degrees in a wide array of technologies including Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Physics, Geophysics, and Materials Science and Engineering. In addition to their diverse academic credentials, many of our professionals have industrial experience.

Life Sciences

Innovations in biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other life sciences improve human health and quality of life. Such innovations, however, require large initial investments that may require years or even decades to come to fruition. Intellectual property protection is crucial for such innovations, so that groundbreaking pioneers can reap the rewards of their early efforts. Element IP’s professionals have extensive experience in securing intellectual property rights for life science innovations.


Chemical products are utilized to fulfill a myriad of different functions across a multitude of industries. From pharmaceuticals to specialty chemicals, such as adhesives, elastomers, paints, and surfactants, the ubiquitous nature of chemical products in our daily lives enhances their market value and the need for intellectual property protection.

With nearly all our professionals holding an advanced degree in chemistry or engineering and decades of experience in securing and defending intellectual property rights in the chemical industry, clients routinely rely on us to protect their chemical innovations.

Energy and Petrochemical

The energy and petrochemical industries are constantly evolving in response to environmental concerns and market forces. It is paramount to protect the innovations and discoveries in these industries, which include, for example, the design of chemicals to assist in the extraction of oil and gas, the development of novel materials to improve the durability and/or efficiency of solar cells, and the design of systems to capture and store carbon.

Element IP’s professionals have extensive experience in securing intellectual property rights in the energy and petrochemical industries, particularly in the areas of extracting and refining oil and gas, oil and gas additives, lubricating compositions, and solar-cell materials.


Materials such as textiles, fibers, metals, paper products, and glass products require continuous technological development to meet consumer needs. This research and development is often carried out at great expense in crowded technological fields subject to intense competition. It is important that proprietary materials are quickly and sufficiently protected as intellectual property in order to secure and maintain a dominant technical position over the competition. The professionals at Element IP specialize in protecting intellectual property relating to materials science by providing sound advice and patent strategies beginning at the earliest stages of research and development.

Food and Beverage

Participants in the food and beverage industry are perpetually innovating to attract and retain customers. Such innovation requires large investments in research and development of components, compositions, and production techniques that meet consumer preferences in a cost-effective manner. The resulting components, compositions, and production techniques are desirably protected as intellectual property. Element IP’s professionals have extensive experience in securing useful intellectual property rights in the food and beverage industry.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing research and manufacturing in a wide variety of industries. A myriad of products can be prototyped and produced using additive manufacturing techniques due to the ability to print various materials including plastics, metals, ceramics, glasses, cements, and composite materials. The disruptive nature of this new technology is creating new challenges with respect to intellectual property, including the need to rapidly obtain patent protection of new inventions and the need to enforce existing patents against competitors who can use additive manufacturing techniques to readily make, use and distribute patented products without permission.

Element IP is uniquely positioned to assist clients seeking advice and patent services relating to technologies that rely upon, or are threatened by, additive manufacturing. Our professionals hold advanced degrees in relevant technical areas such as chemistry, molecular physics, materials science, and engineering, and we have a wealth of experience with patent preparation and prosecution of technologies in the area of additive manufacturing.


Nanotechnology has considerably improved and even revolutionized many technology and industry sectors, such as information technology, medicine, transportation, energy, food science, and environmental science. More importantly, nanotechnology is continuously evolving at an exciting pace. It is becoming more and more common in people’s daily lives and finds many applications in commercial products. Developments in nanotechnology work therefore demand legal protection.

Combining skills and experience in both the law and relevant technical fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science, Element IP’s professionals are fully equipped to effectively counsel and guide our clients to protect their valuable IP assets in nanotechnology.

International IP Experience

Through our work in securing intellectual property rights for many multinational corporations, we have developed a deep understanding of global intellectual property law, and we closely collaborate with numerous international law firms around the world to represent our clients abroad.
Our lawyers, with the assistance of our vast network of global associates, curated over more than 20 years, reliably prosecute patents, trademarks and designs internationally. In addition, we have extensive experience counseling clients in export control issues, foreign filing licenses, etc. Our experience extends to international IP portfolio management and advising on the overseas commercialization of IP assets.

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